A Ramachandran_Monumental Gandhi-II; Photo Courtesy: Sreevalsan Thiyyadi/ MD Niche Media
Jul 15, 2021
Attingal-born Delhiite Padma Bhushan A Ramachandran’s artistic career took a decisive turn in the late 1970s when he stumbled...
Padmashri Kalamandalam Sivan Namboodiri during a make-up : Photo: Welcome Kerala Magazine
Jul 02, 2021
In the history of the renaissance of Kutiyattam, Padmashri Kalamandalam Sivan Namboodiri is till date the most trusted flag-...
Miniature Edaykka/ Edakka
Dec 03, 2020
The miniature Edaykka (Also spelt in Edakka/ Idakka) is an up-cycled product made using the waste materials that are obtained...
Book: A Hereditary Art of Kerala – Kalamezhuth; Author: Dr. M V Vishnu Namboodiri
Oct 07, 2020
Kerala Lalithakala Akadeni, Thrissur. published the book titled ‘A Hereditary Art of Kerala – Kalamezhuthu’ authored by Dr. M V...
K V Ramakrishnan, K C Ramakrishnan and Sreenivasan; photo by Natanakairali
Nov 01, 2015
Surviving Traditions of River Nila- 7 Few families of Andi pandaram community in Paruthipulli village of Palakkad district are...

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Welcome Kerala : May - June 2018
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FEATURE Murals of Valour and Treachery ART, RITUAL & OTHER EVENTS  UPDATE   Art installation with used plastic bottles...More
Madavoor Vasudevan Nair
Mar 2018
FEATURES - The Heritage of Narath Mana | MAGORA Centre at Vadavannur village in memory of MGR | ART, RITUAL & OTHER...More
Charithramalika, Thiruvananthapuram
Jan - Feb, 2018
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May - Jun, 2017
FEATURES The Three Mosques of Kuttichira Journey in Search of the Soul of Musical Instruments Updates on ART, RITUAL &...More
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Apr 2017
FEATURES The illam of Kurumathur Naikkars Crafting Kathakali Koppu (Surviving Traditions of River Nila - 13) ART, RITUAL ...More
Welcome Kerala : Jan - Feb 2017
Jan - Feb, 2017
FEATURES Facelift to Ancient Wood Carvings Terracotta Figurines of Vendallur Parambathukavu (Surviving Traditions of River...More
Welcome Kerala : Nov - Dec 2016
Nov - Dec, 2016
Welcome Kerala : Sept - Oct 2016
Sep - Oct, 2016
FEATURES: Basel Mission's Iconic Cathedral | Conserving Kurungattu Mana ART, RITUAL & OTHER EVENTS EASY GUIDE KERALA...More
Maari Theyyam
Jul - Aug, 2016
FEATURES: The Heritage Light House Museum | Thiruvathira Njaattuvela | The Bronze Smith of Desamangalam (Surviving...More
Guru Kalamandalam Raman Chakyar as Shoorpanakha in Shoorpanakhangam Kutiyattam
May - Jun, 2016
Painkulam Tradition of Kutiyattam (Surviving Traditions of River Nila - 9)  | International Miniature Painters' Camp (A...More
Mar - Apr, 2016
Murals of the Dancing Gods | An Exquisite Dagger called Malappuram Kathi (Surviving Traditions of River Nila - 8) Art,...More
Oracles' performance during Ayyappan Vilakku at Udinikkara, Edappal
Nov - Dec, 2015
HIGHLIGHT 100 Plus Art and Ritual Events ARTICLES The Heritage Home Elangalloor Mana The Glove Puppetry tradition of Kerala...More
Sep - Oct, 2015
HIGHLIGHT : 100 Plus Art and Ritual Events ARTICLE : The Performing Duo - Renjith & Vijna  The Grandeur of Heritage The...More
Welcome Kerala - Vol. 7, Issue 4; Jul - Aug 2015
Jul - Aug, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: Aanayoottu | Vallamkali | Kutiyattam Festivals and more events .... ARTICLE: Handloom Weavers of Kuthampully A...More
Welcome Kerala - Vol. 7, Issue 3; May-June 2015
May - Jun, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: 100 Plus Art and Ritual Events  ARTICLE: Miniatures of Kathakali Characters  A Bronze Sculptor from Adakkaputhur...More
Thira - The folk art from Valluvanadu
Mar - Apr, 2015
HIGHLIGHT: 100 Plus Art and Ritual Events ARTICLE:  The Forest of Creepers Beyond The Cultural Boundaries Chenda Artisans of...More
Welcome Kerala - Vol. 7, Issue 1; Jan-Feb 2015
Jan - Feb, 2015
100 Plus Art and Ritual Events The Last of Pallipana Performers The Indo-Polish Art Projects  Bhasa Theatre Festival Metal...More
Welcome Kerala - Vol. 6, Issue 4; Oct - Dec 2014
Oct - Dec, 2014
HIGHLIGHT 100 plus art, ritual and other events across Kerala ARTICLES An Introduction to River Nila Grass Mats of...More
Jul - Sep, 2014
The Chosen One (About Ayurvedic practitioner Ullanoor Mana Vimala Antharjanam) | Sentinel of Green Heritage | Valourly acts...More
Nangiarkoothu by Kalamandalam Prasanthi
Apr - Jun, 2014
Dayanitha Singh - The Artists and Photographer | Colonial Legacy of a Library | Myraid Expressions of Nangiarkoothu | Clint...More
Village Proession as a part of Temple Festival at Maruthoor Vaileerikkavu, Pattambi, Palakkad Dt. Cover - Welcome Kerala - Vol. 6, Issue 1; Jan-Mar 2014
Jan - Mar, 2014
The Holy Forest in a Rural Village | Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda Museum | The Eminent Legacy of Mohiniyattam | Deligates of...More
Welcome Kerala - Vol. 5, Issue 3; Oct - Dec 2013
Oct - Dec, 2013
Weavers of Kotambu Village | Social Role of a Percussion Music School | 6th International Vedic Workshop 2014 | Art...More
Welcome Kerala Jul- Sept 2013
Jul - Sep, 2013
The City of Mural * Coconut shell crafts training for Women Empowerment * 75 years of Gothuruth Boat Race * Blue Yonder bags...More
Welcome Kerala ; Jan-Mar & Apr-Jun 2013
Jan - Jun, 2013
The aristocratic heritage home at Ullyeri * Preserving Antique Murals * Vistas of Theatre Performance * News & Notes More
Welcome Kerala Oct-Dec 2012
Oct - Dec, 2012
Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2012- A Curtain Raiser * Jesus Christ’s Story in Tholpavakuthu- Opera fusion * An Ambassador for...More
Welcome Kerala Jul-Sept 2012
Jul - Sep, 2012
Restoration of ancient murals 200 year old Anglican Church of Kannur The Healing Fabrics of Balaramapuram A Heritage...More
Welcome Kerala - Vol 4 Issue 2
Apr - Jun, 2012
These Walls are meant for Murals Kritya 2012: The International Poetry Festival Ayurveda herbs garden and nursery at...More
Welcome Kerala - Vol 4 Issue 1
Jan - Mar, 2012
Article Artistry in Wood Waste Paper Into Wonderful Jewelry The Colonial Heritage  Discovering the magic of River NILA News...More
Oct - Dec, 2011
Vedic Art paintings by foreign artists | A Personal Botanical Garden | Meenvallam Water Fall | New Depiction in...More
Welcome Kerala Jul-Sept 2011
Jul - Sep, 2011
Dhyanalinga temple –the temple of silence | DIVER'S CLUB at Cochin | Heritage conservation through Art | A fatal Accident...More
Welcome Kerala Apr-Jun 2011
Apr - Jun, 2011
The Craft village of Kerala | The Past Glory of Halwa Bazar | KERALA- ONCE UPON A TIME | An architectural experience | A...More
Welcome Kerala ;Jan-Mar 2011
Jan - Mar, 2011
An Epitome of World Peace and Religious Harmony | Ginger Zone and Jungle Trail at University Campus | Saagnikam Athiraathram...More
Welcome Kerala Jul-Sept 2010 
Jul - Sep, 2010
New Murals at Chowallur Shiva Temple | A hermitage for Art and Music | A workshop for Puppet Making | Sadhana 2010: South...More
Welcome Kerala Apr-Jun 2010
Apr - Jun, 2010
St. John’s Anglican Church and the Cemetery | The Last of the Cigar Makers of Vatakara | MUSEUMS of KERALA-PART-III: Museums...More
Welcome Kerala Oct-Dec 2009
Oct - Dec, 2009
A trek to Banasuran Kotta | Hanuman statue in Ezhimala | MUSEUMS of KERALA -Part II MUSEUMS in Thiruvananthapuram District...More
Welcome Kerala  Jul-Sept 2009 
Jul - Sep, 2009
THIRITHELIYIKKAL at Mapranam Church | Bamboo weavers on Kothamangalam Munnar Highway | MUSEUMS of KERALA (part1) | Sunday...More
Welcome Kerala Apr-Jun 2009
Apr - Jun, 2009
Mottammel Potters’ colony | Mannarasala Nagaraja temple-The Abode of Snake Gods | Botanical Garden for Aquatic and wetland...More
Welcome Kerala Jan-Mar 2009
Jan 2009
Renaissance of Murals at Purameri temple | A Day With The Masters  More