The Sindhi Community of Kozhikode

Jan 01, 2011 | Vol. 3, Issue 1
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The microscopic community of Sindhis had settled in Kozhikode(Calicut) about 150 years ago. Coming from Multan, a Sindh province, Sindhis in Kozhikode are also called Multanis. Traditionally they were indigenous bankers. They settled down in Silk Street, which runs parallel to the beach for a distance of about 200 metres. But since recent past, they forced to change in to other professions and trades. The only remaining of Sindh Heritage now in the Silk street is the Sindhi Durbar. K Mohan, Convener INTACH Calicut regional Chapter, who have studied about many communities in Kozhikode (Kerala, India) writes about Sindhi community.

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