03-07 Sept 2017: Folk performance Kummattykkali at Thrissur

Sep 03, 2017 to Sep 07, 2017
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Holy procession of Kummatty with different types of masks as part of Onam celebrations.

The Kummatty procession is an integral part of Onam celebrations in Thrissur. Kummatty is a ritual folk art performed backed by recital of folk songs and traditional musical instruments.  The Kummatty performance is called Kummattykkali. Kummattykkali is performed by men in groups wearing brightly painted wooden masks and costumes in grass. The Kummatty procession goes around in a procession accompanied by drum beats which creates an eerie feeling in the atmosphere. According to legend, Kummattykkali enacts the dance performance of Bhoothaganas, the aides of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology. These masks provide an ethereal dimension to the performer. These masks are the proud possessions of the performing teams. Apart from the Bhootha characters such as Brungan, Brungoradiyan, Kumbhan, Kumbhodaran, Nikumbhan etc., now the characters of Kummatty include Ganapathy, Hanuman and also some humorous characters depicting social values.

The Kummatty procession is more of a social carnival and people from all religions take part in this cultural procession. Scenes from epics form the theme for floats and variety folk arts are introduced every year. During the four days of Onam, about 20 teams from in and around Thrissur participate in the Kummatty festival and procession. All these processions usually start in the afternoon and end by sunset. Given are some locations where these processions are held.

03 Sept- Ayyanthole

04 Sept - Nallankkara kummatty, Nallankara , - 3km from Thrissur;

05 Sept- Thekkummuri (Karappuram) Kummatty, Kizhakkumpattukara, The procession starts from Vettakkorumakan temple, near SNA Oushadhasala going to Vadakkummuri and returned.

06 Sept- Vadakkummurikummatty, Kizhakkumpattukara, The procession starts from Panamukkumpilli Sastha temple visit Vettakkorumakan temple, near SNA Oushadhasala and returned.

07 Sept- Urakam, Kummatty processions starts from various places by 2.30pm and reaches the temple of Urakathammathiruvadi by sunset. (6pm- 9pm). Urakam is 15km from Thrissur towards Cherppu.


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