12 Sept 2017: Uriyadi at Sreekrishna temple Evoor, Alappuzha Dt

Sep 12, 2017
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Temple celebration Sreekrishna Jayanthi with the ritual Uriyadi, breaking pots.

At Sreekrishna temple Evoor, Alappuzha Dt, Kerala

Uriyadi is performed here as part of the Sreekrishna Jayanthi (birth day of Lord Sreekrishna) celebrations. Procession from three neighbouring areas starts in the morning (8.30am) with traditional orchestras, colourful floats etc lead by a performer who act as Lord Sreekrishna. The sportive ritual Uriyadi is performed on the way in numerous places. The procession conclude at the temple by evening (6pm) after breaking all the pots on the way, mounted by many devotees and group of devotees. Usually it will be around 5000 pots to break by the three performers together. Pots with different sizes (2ft to 7ft height) and decorated using different fruits/sweets are seen here.

Location/access: Evoor is exactly the midway between Harippad and Kayamkulam (8km each). From Evoor Jn, the temple is hardly 200m away. 

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