15 Jul- 02 Oct 2017: Aranmula Vallasadya at Aranmula, Pathanamthitta Dt

Jul 15, 2017 to Oct 02, 2017
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Sadya (Feast) , Vanchipattu etc at  Aranmula, Pathanamthitta Dt, Kerala

Valla sadya is the ritualistic feast given to the oarsmen of Palliyodams (the holy snake boats) and is usually sponsored by the devotees as an offering to the Lord ParthaSarathy(Lord Srikrishna), the presiding deity of Aranmula Sree ParthaSarathy Temple. On all these days, the oarsmen from different places reach the temple in their respective boats and keep on singing Vanchipattu, the song of the oarsmen, praising Lord Parthasarathy. The feast starts immediately after the Pooja at noon.

The oarsmen offer Nirapara ( grains/rice in a specific unit) to the presiding deity at the Nadappanthal in front of the golden mast and go round the temple chanting Krishna bhajans (Vanchi pattu). The entire atmosphere is charged with the rhythmic Vanchi pattu. These snake boats participate in the Uthrattathi Vallamkali (regatta) on the River Pampa (08 Sept 2017).

On the day of Ashtami Rohini, birthday of Lord Srikrishna, the Valla sadya is conducted for all the devotees and usually over a 100 thousand people attend this every year ( 12 Sept 2017). Most of the palliodams attend this feast. The sadya is sumptuous and is served with variety of dishes.There is no Vallasadya on Uthrattadi Vallamkali and Onam (04 Sept 2017) days. 

The two month long event is jointly organized by Palliyoda Seva Sanghom and Travancore Devaswom Board.
Location / Access: The temple is situated at Aranmula on the banks of the River Pampa in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala (India). 
For online booking - www.aranmulavallamkali.in

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