16 & 17 Jan 2016: Pana Maholsavam at Changaramkulam, Malappuram Dt

Jan 16, 2016 to Jan 17, 2016
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The Ritual Pallippana with Folk songs, oracle performance, ritual procession, other ritual performances Pana Pidutham, Guruthi etc.conducted as part of the ICH documentation Project by INTACH



Time: 8am (16 Jan) to 6am (17 Jan)

Venue: Aryankavu Bhagavathi temple premise, Alamkode, Near Changaramkulam, Malappuram Dt , Kerala (India)


Pallipaana/Paana is a folk ritual performed to please the Goddess Bhadrakali(Kali). Performers are generally from the Nair community. It is conducted either in a temple premises or at the devotee’s home. The 24 hour long ritual starts at one sunrise and ends at the next sunrise. The important part of the ritual is singing Thottam, the folk songs detailing the story of the Goddess Bhadrakali. According to Hindu mythology, Bhadrakali is evolved from the third eye of Lord Shiva with the specific assignment of killing Darikan, the evil King who ruled the universe. It will take 3-4 hours to sing the songs completely. Some ritual performances –Panapidutham, Thiriuzhichil, Guruthi, etc., are also held at regular intervals during the whole performance. This Pana is dedicated to the Goddess at Aryankavu temple and conducted in memory of the legendary Pana performer late. Govindankutty Nair Asan.  

INTACH  (Indian National Trust for Art And Cultural Heritage), is documenting the whole ritual as part of their Nationwide project of documentation of Intangible Cultural heritages of India.

Master artists: Alamkode Kuttan Nair, Alamkode Raman Nair, Alamkode Gangadharan Nair, Alamkode Ramakrishnan nair, Alamkode Venu Nair

Organisers: Jointly organized by INTACH Calicut Regional Chapter, Kozhikode, Sopanam School of Panchavadyam, Valayamkulam and Aryankavu Bhagavathi Kshethra Samithi, Alamkode.  

(For details contact :

Mr. Prakash Manhapra, Co-Convenor, INTACH Calicut Regional Chapter -Ph: 94462 80603

OR  Mr. Santhosh Alamkode, Director, Sopanam School of Panchavadyam, Ph: 8086351794.)

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