Glossary of Terms

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Padayani : Ritual folk performance based on the story of Goddess Kaali (Bhadrakaali). Natural materials like coconut leaves, fronds of areca nut palm etc are used for costuming. Thottam, the folk song is an important part of the ritual.
Pallivetta : The hunt by the lord. Most of the temple Ulsavam, this is an important ritual, in which, the idol/image of the deity is taken out ceremoniously and conduct a symbolic hunt. After the hunt the return procession will be in grand manner.
Panchavadyam : A harmonious synchronisation of five musical instruments viz. Edakka, Thimila, Madhalam (percussion instruments), Kombu (horn), Elathalam (heavy cymbals).
Paraveppu/Parayedukkal : An offering by the devotees, a full measure of Para (a large cylindrical vessel used as a unit) filled with ingredients like rice, paddy, sugar, etc. In some temples the priest ceremoniously go to every home to collect this, but in some temples the devotees go to the temple and offer this.
Pattupura : A special place in the temple for conducting Kalamezhuthu paattu.
Pooram : One of the 27 stars (asterisks) in Malayalam calendar. The festival held on this star is generally called Pooram festival. In some important temples, during the Pooram festival, caparisoned elephants participate in the processions. So in Thrissur and neighbouring districts, any temple festival procession with caparisoned elephants is also called as Pooram.
Poothan : Considered as the attendant of Goddess Bhagavathi and seen in Valluvanad (part of Malappuram, Thrissur and Palakkad districts).