Art exhibition in Fort Kochi by Finland Artists

Oct 01, 2013 | Vol 5, Issue 4
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Art exhibition by Finland Artists.

An exhibition of Digital Painting and Sculpture by Finland based artists Johanna Turunen  and Reetta Grohn Soinnen  was organized from October 16- 25th   at the Nannappa Art Gallery in Kochi. The exhibition, titled, “Water Reflections and Boys with Caps” was organized by the  Orthic Creative Centre and Lodharmi. The formal inauguration of the exhibition was done by the famous Indian artist Shri.Akkittam Narayanan. The inaugural ceremony was Presided over by   T. Kaladharan and the introductory speech was given by Prof. Chandrahasan. A dance performance by the Finland dancer, Johanna Peltonen was also organized on the inaugural day of exhibition.

The digital paintings, titled “Water Reflections” done by Johanna Turunen   consisted of six paintings. Her works are mostly combinations of painting, photography and silk screening and the themes are those which inspired her while travelling mostly, in Europe and while photographing statues in cemeteries and in cities. The little metaphors of nature have also influenced her work. In the exhibition, Turunen had displayed her paintings that combine reflections from water and photographs of statues.

There were a total of 15 wooden sculptures for the exhibition, done by  Reetta Grohn Soinnen  and it was titled “ Boys with caps”.  “Verbal expression has always fascinated me. Dialects, metaphors in general, all types of communication between people, interest me, even mute communication with gestures. Regardless of the seriousness of my themes or perhaps because of it, I enjoy dealing with them with slight irony,” she said. Reetta Grohn expressed that wood is the material best suited for her work and that in her latest work of Boys with Caps, playfulness and mischievousness play a central role.

The exhibition organized as a part of the cultural collaboration between Finland and Kerala provided a wonderful opportunity for Keralites to appreciate very innovative and typical works from Finland.

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