Book - Ramayana Samksepam (on Kutiyattam)

Jul 01, 2014 | Vol 6, Issue 3
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BOOK: Ramayana Samksepam (on Kutiyattam)

Author: G Venu

Publishers: Natana Kairali, Irinjalakkuda, Thrissur Dt, Kerala, India, Ph:+91-480- 2825559

( supported by the National Culture Fund, Ministry Of Culture, Govt of India.

Price: Rs.1000/- First Edition 2013; Pages: 324

This book is an Attaprakaram (manual on acting) for depicting the story of Ramayana through Mudras (hand gestures) in Kutiyattam, the ancient and  surviving Sanskrit theatre of India. The gestures are shown according to the Attaprakaram written in Malayalam. As each word is spoken or perceived in thought, the mind imbibes and manifests its essence and the hand gestures gain a unique liveliness. These hand gestures are basically formulated from the gesticulations of the body parts in daily life and routine rituals. That is why, over and above the systemised framework, Ramayana Samksepam continues to be an expression of storytelling that comes from the heart.  This bilingual book in English and Malayalam illustrated notations of 260 hand gestures and 188 photographs.

G Venu, the preceptor of Kutiyattam in this contemporary age is the author of this work. He was the disciple for nearly three decades and inseparable companion of Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar the patriarch of Kutiyattam, the performing art form that had inherited the essence of Indian acting.

Shobita Punja, Chief Executive Officer of the National Culture Fund in her preface to the book, appreciate Venu G for developing an innovative and illustrative notational system for the eyes, eyebrows, facial muscles, torso, and hand gestures that form the unique and elaborate vocabulary of Kutiyattam.

The complete video documentation of this work, two DVDs is complimentary with this book. The demonstrative performance is done by Ms. Kapila Venu.  A small clipping of the demonstrative performance of Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar, from the archives is also included in this DVDs.

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