Great Kerala- A Visual Perception

Mar 01, 2015 | Vol 7- Issue 2
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Price: Rs. 650/-
Pages: 126 (A4 size, multi colour)
Editor in Chief & Researcher- Dr. George Sebastian SJ
Coordinator & Publisher- Sooraj Tom
Published by Sooraj Tom, Dee Publishers, Eluppakkattu, Athirampuzha, Kottayam

This visual presentation is a collective effort by a group of artists and photographers, who travelled across Kerala for capturing some of the best snaps of relatively less promoted travel destinations of Kerala.  Apart from the Editor in Chief ,the team include Shaji Joseph Arakkal (Concept & Design Director), Ramji Madambi, Joshy Manjummel, Prashant Nambyar (all photographers), Naveen Muraleedharan (Copy Writer) and Venki (Illustrator)

In the publisher's note Sooraj Tom remind us “Kerala is not only famous for its natural beauty and visual bonanza, but the land also possesses a rich culture, an ancient history and an abundant heritage filled with temples, churches, mosques, and an array of feasts, festivals, art and art forms. So this book is a humble and sincere effort to unveil some of the neglected places and to offer a more complete and holistic picture of Kerala from a social, cultural, religious and humanistic perspective”.

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