Kutiyattam at Moozhikkulam, Ernakulam District

Aug 27, 2022 to Sep 04, 2022

27 Aug- 04 Sept 202213th Kutiyattam (Traditional Sanskrit Theatre) festival of Napathya Centre for Excellence in Kutiyattam 

Nepathya’s Kutiyattam Festival

Date: 27 Aug- 04 Sept 2022

Venue: Nepathya’s Kuthambalam, Moozhikkulam, Near Aluva, Ernakulam Dt, Kerala

The 13th Kutiyattam festival of Napathya focuses of the festival is Vichinnankam, the first act of Bhasa’s play Prathima Natakam and is a new production by Nepathya, directed by Margi Madhu Chakyar.

27 Aug:

06.00pm- Inaugural meeting

07.00pm; Sthapana- Suthradhara’s entry from the act Vichinnankam,

Presented by Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar as Suthradhara

28 Aug:

06.00pm; Sthapana

Artistes: Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar (as Suthradhara) and Nepathya Arathy (Nati).


Artistes: Dr. Indu G (as Vijaya) and Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar (Kanchukiya).

29 Aug:

06.00pm; Avadatikapraghattakam

Artistes: Margi Anjana S Chakyar (as Avadatika and also as Chedi), Dr. Indu G (Sita) and Nepathya Arathy (Nandinika).

30 Aug:

09.30am; Rama’s Entry

Presented by Nepathya Rahul chakyar as Rama

Time: 6.30pm; Rama’s recapitulation; Day 1

Presented by Nepathya Yadu Krishnan

31 Aug:

06.30pm; Rama’s recapitulation; Day 2

Presented by Margi Madhu Chakyar

01 Sept:

06.30pm; Rama’s recapitulation; Day 3

Presented by Margi Madhu Chakyar

02 Sept:

06.30pm; Play/ scenes: Rama’s recapitulation; Day 4

Presented by Margi Sajeev Narayana Chakyar

03 Sept:

06.30pm; Kutiyattam Part 1

Artistes: Nepathya Sreehari Chakyar (As Rama), Dr. Indu G (Sita), Nepathya Arathy (Avadantika) and Nepathya Rahul Chakyar (Kanchukiya).

04 Sept:

06.30pm; Kutiyattam Part 2

Artistes: Margi Madhu Chakyar (Lakshmanan), Nepathya Rahul Chakyar (Rama), Dr. Indu G (Sita), Kalamandalam Haritha (Chedi) and Nepathya Yadu Krishnan (Kanchukiya).

Supporting Artistes:

Kalamandalam Manikandan, Nepathya Jinesh, Kalamandalam Rahul Aravind, Nepathya Aswin, Sarath Narayanan, Margi Mahesh, Nepathya Adarsh (Mizhavu Percussionists), Kalanilayam Unnikrishnan, Moorkkanad Dineshan, Kalanilayam Rajan (Edaykka), Dr. Indu G, Kalamandalam Haritha, Margi Anjana S Chakyar, Nepathya Arathy (Thalam), Kalamandalam Satheeshan, Kalanilayam Sreejith Sundaran (Chutty).

Organised by Nepathya with the support of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and The European Research Council.


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