Book on folk ritual Kalamezhuthu released

The book titled ‘A Hereditary Art of Kerala – Kalamezhuthu’ authored by M V Vishnu Nambuthiri is a translation of his Malayalam book- ‘Kalamezhuthu Oru Paithruka Kala’, published by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, Thrissur.

Kerala Lalithakala Akadeni, Thrissur, published the book titled  ‘A Hereditary Art of Kerala – Kalamezhuthu’ authored by M V Vishnu Namboodiri is a translation of his Malayalam book- Kalamezhuthu  Oru Paithruka Kala.

Kalamezhuthu is a folk ritual practice conducted to propitiate the gods and goddesses as part of Hindu belief. Colourful drawings are drawn on the floor using natural powders and elaborate rituals including folksongs and oracle’s performances are conducted as part of this ritual. 

This book is a much-elaborated study of the traditional form and deals with the comparative study of different kalams and padmams with their concepts, myths, various styles in practice and their social contexts. This work showcases a wide range of materials and interpretations related to the ritual practice.

Dr. M V Vishnu Namboodiri

Dr. M V Vishnu Namboodiri (1939- 2019) is an author who has contributed immensely to Kerala folklore studies. He was the Former Chairman of Kerala Folklore Academy. He has authored 70 plus books on folklore. Orcha (autobiography), Folklore Nigandu, Nadotivijnaneeyam, Theyyam, Poorakkali, Thottampattukal-Oru padanam, Keralathile Nadansangeetham, Nadanpattukal Malayalathil, Mandrikavijnanam, Gaveshanapravesika, Puravrithapad anam, Nattarivum Namapadanavum (all in Malayalam language) are some of his works in folklore studies. 

The awards and recognition include Kerala Sahitya Academy award (1992). Kerala Folklore Academy award (1999), PK Kalan Memorial Award by Government of Kerala (2009), Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Akademi award (2008) and Senior Fellowship from Department of Culture, Government of India. 


Details of the Book

Title: A Hereditary Art of Kerala - Kalamezhuthu 

Language: English

Author: Dr. M V Vishnu Namboodiri

Published by : Kerala Lalithakala Akademi, Thrissur, Kerala

Number of Pages: 200

Photographs :Muralipayyanur

Price: 300/- 

Book: A Hereditary Art of Kerala – Kalamezhuth; 

Author: Dr. M V Vishnu Namboodiri 





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