Three day Nila International Folklore Film Festival of India 2020 to start from 30 Oct 2020

Vayali, a folklore group based in Arangottukara in Thrissur district organizes the first edition of NIFFI, Nila International Folklore Festival of India through virtual medias from 30 Oct to 01st Nov 2020. 

NIFFFI is an annual festival that aims at showcasing films based or emerging from indigenous cultures and folklore from around the world. But on the fallout of Covid 19 pandemic, the first edition of the festival will be conducted through online platforms Facebook and Youtube channels of NIFFI. The three day festival will show case 21 films, which include films from Nepal, USA, Kyrgyzstan and Bhutan. 

The Director of NIFFI Vinod Nambiar said that these 21 films were chosen from around 100 films from across the world and the remaining films will be made available online in the coming months. The Chairman of NIFFI is Jayaraj, a noted Malayalam film Director and founder of Birds Club International.  The festival advisors are Ram Prasad Kadel, founder of Music Museum of Nepal and Rolk Killius, a London based historian. 

Established in 2004, Vayali is a volunteering group of folklore enthusiasts working with a mission to promote, safeguard and nurture the tangible and intangible culture that flourish in the River Nila (Bharathapuzha) basin. The two music bands, for folk performances and Bamboo music, run by Vayali have already been acknowledged and appreciated by the public. Vayali also promotes local arts and crafts through tourism initiatives for supporting artists and artisans in the region. 

The details of the film and the schedule of the festival is given. 


Day 1: 30 Oct 2020

Film Title: Born in Nepal - Traditions in Nepalese Music

The film is a glimpse into the diverse backgrounds and instruments that make up the soundscape of traditional Nepal.

Film Title: Oru Thudakathinte  Kadha

Aisha said it was the endless rain, Ambadi insisted it was the sea. In the course of their childish bickering, when the three kids set off to see the origin of their village stream, their differences in beliefs give the journey an unexpected and surprising turn.

Film Title: Punarjani

This is a journey through words and lines about the dying river, NILA and its reincarnation. River Nila / Bharathapuzha is considered as the Nile of Kerala and have nurtured Malayalam literature and poetry since time immemorial. The river now faces significant challenges for its survival including illegal sand mining. 

Film Title: Gavari - Rajasthan's mystical tribal dance drama

This short film serves as an introduction to the Gavari festival in India. Gavari has been celebrated for at least last five centuries by the Mewari Bhil tribes who are among India’s oldest inhabitants and settled in Rajasthan.  It is a unique spectacle of art, trance and ecstasy unlike any other in the modern world. 

Film Title: The Bugun and the Liocichlia

This film is about one of the most bio-diverse community reserves in the world. It is the story of how the Bugun community of Singchung Village and the Forest Department comes together to manage it. The film has been made by Shaleena Phinya, Green Hub Fellow 2018-2019, who is also a member of the forest patrolling team.

Film Title: Unity in Conservation

 An educative film by Longso Yimchunger, Green Hub Fellow 2015-2016, Unity in Conservation documents a successful community conservation initiative by 14 Sumi tribe villages around the river Nanga (Dikhu) in Nagaland. How rampant exploitation of the rich biodiversity transformed itself to a conservation movement is beautifully portrayed in the film.

Film Title: Jhini ini Chandariya (A Delicate Weave) 

A Delicate Weave, set in Kachchh, Gujarat, India, traces four different musical journeys, all converging in the ways they affirm religious diversity, syncretism and love of the other. Drawing on the poetic and musical traditions of Sant Kabir and Shah Bhitai, as well as the folk traditions of the region, these remarkable musicians and singers bear testimony to how these oral traditions of compassion are being passed down from one generation to the next.

Day 2: 31 Oct 2020

Film Title: Eer- a Kyrgyz Saddle

This film is about Kyrgyz traditional saddle. Experts talk about the history of the Kyrgyz saddle, the technology of its manufacture and traditions associated with it.

Film Title: Urmila

Documentary film

Film Title: Thung Thung Karmo Black Necked Crane

This story unfolds the situation regarding the protection of Black Necked Crane at Zemithang valley of Arunachal Pradesh. WWF with the help of the local people of Zemithang, is trying to protect the habitat of this holy bird.  

Film Title: Ropnee

This film ‘Ropnee’ is a documentation of entire cultural activities, tradition and style of paddy transplantation in the Bhojpuri speaking area, especially in Buxar, in Bihar. The film also deals with the problem of untouchability, pollution and exploitation of man and nature.

Film Title: Gauri and the Ghat

This documentary is based on the story of Hindu myth Gauri based on Gaurighat (Jabalpur, India) 

Film Title: Eternal Bond

In Santal perception marriage symbolizes beginning of a new life and prosperity. It is an eternal bond between two souls entrusted to keep the flow of the race alive. The occasion is celebrated in gaiety with dance and music of Dhamsa – madol and flute. The film documented the actual marriage ceremony intertwined with tradition and modernity. The film is a production of Anthropological Survey of India and directed by Kakali Chakrabarty

Film Title: Sankasur : A Folk Art From Konkan

It is a Marathi documentary film based on the traditional folk art form of Konkan. This form is a part of 'Shimgotsava' or 'Holi' festival, which comes in the month of March. The costumes, songs, dances are unique in themselves. Apart from just entertainment, it also serves as a main source of income for the laborious locals in non farming days.

Day 3: 01 Nov 2020

Film Title: Old Chickens & Reviving stories / Connecting raditions

Two old folk tales and a song are experimentally performed to connect cultural traditions from opposite sides of the world, to maintain the experience of folk performance in a changing world, and to seek the common essence of all folk music as we are challenged to both preserve cultural relevance for contemporary audiences, as well as cultural identity and the realities of the past.

Film Title: Nizhalattam

It’s a documentary film on the shadow puppetry tradition of Kerala. Puppetry tradition, behind the screen activities and the struggle of life of puppeteers are portrayed in this documentary.

Film Title: Log Drum of Pessao

Log Drum of Pessao is a film made by Millo Tako (Arunachal Pradesh), Chonglise Sangtam (Nagaland), Lamthanglian Vaiphei (Manipur) of the Green Hub Fellowship program, batch 2018-2019 and Wanmei Konyak (Nagaland) of the batch 2015-2016. The film tracks the making of the ceremonial log drum from techniques involved in cutting and shaping the log, to carrying the log drum over many days to its final home in the Morung. 

Film Title: Idu Mishmi Handlooms

This is the story of the vibrant hues of the tapestry of the Mishmi Handlooms, located in the Lower Dibang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. The elegant ethnic handlooms of Arunachal Pradesh are world renowned for its striking designs and using indigenous organic materials that is worn by various indigenous communities during different occasions like Reh Festival, Kema-Ha Festival etc.
The film was made by Anoko Mega, Green Hub Fellow of batch 2015-2016.

Film Title: Of Love & Artistry

A film that explores the lifestyle and life stories of different folk artists from Rajasthan while talking about memories and anecdotes associated with John Da, the man who helped these artists explore the world of music on various national and international platforms and go beyond the boundaries of their regional performing space.

Film Title: Wangala Festival

Wangala is a festival celebrated in West Garo Hills of Meghalaya, dedicated  to the fertility God Saaljong. They celebrate the strength and valour of the Sangma and Marak communities with music , dance and wrestling. The film was made by Green Hub Fellow Mordecai Pamei of Batch 2016-2017 as part of their internship with UNESCO C2C for World Natural Heritage, Wildlife Institute of India.

Film Title: Aabua Paika Kabu Bageya (We won't let go off, our Paika!)

This ​​film ​​is ​​about ​​a ​​martial ​​art​​ dance ​​form Paika and is an honest ​​effort ​​to ​​portray ​​the ​​lives ​​with ​​the ​​culture ​​and tradition ​​of ​​Munda ​​community.​​ The film shows a narrative strung together with stories, songs and interviews of Pandeya Munda who have been dancing this folk-dance form for more than 25 years.

Contact: Vinod Nambiar- 9446938770